Thursday, June 17, 2010


Title: Orange
Author: Tarabeth
Characters: Rainbow Pride Troupe (Sergei and Kyle)

“Mmmmm.” I sipped my mango margarita—a perfect drink—refreshingly fruity, tart, tangy, and just enough alcohol to make me swoon and flirt shamelessly with Sergei.  I’m lucky to have fallen in love with the most handsome, sexy and brilliant man alive, and I’m keeping him forever.  I turned on my wonton voice and I asked, “Want a taste?” 

“No Babohka, I’m enjoying my vodka.”

I blew a raspberry.  He’s so unadventurous.  Sergei’s lips captured my tongue; he devoured my mouth in a thorough kiss that left me breathless. 

“Mmmm, butterfly, your margarita is delicious. You should order Alton and Mitchel’s now.”

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