Sunday, February 17, 2008

Valentine Drabble

Title: Valentine Drabble
Author: Tarabeth
Couple: Sergei and Kyle

Valentine’s Day at the circus is a big thing, it is a big date night and so we do two shows: a 7:00 pm and a fun slightly more risqué 11:00 pm show. That is my favorite. Sergei and I actually get to perform a very erotic piece. It isn’t an aerial; it is a floor exercise of contortion and strength. It is my favorite piece that Sergei has ever choreographed.

So, we have a very busy day, but we do have a Valentine tradition. We spend the morning making slow passionate love. Lots of slow touches, I love it when Sergei takes just the tips of his fingers and barely touches my skin. He starts at my face and gently glides from my cheek to my forehead, down the other cheek, over my nose and across my lips to my chin. He never loses contact when his touch moves down my neck to my shoulders, across my chest and around my nipples, down my side to my hips, over to my belly and down…well you get the point. It is lovely. We wear each other out.

And as our energizer we find the closest IHOP and have heart shaped pancakes with strawberries and lots of whip cream.

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